Forgotten Realms: Champions of the Realms

Adventure Log

A brief adventure synopsis for the Champions of the Realms sessions.

Session 1 – May 23: Character introductions; dream sequences; arrive at Palace; enter first sets of silver gates beyond the ruby glow.

Session 2 – June 13: Found secret armories; found gate controls and destroyed skeleton guardians in two chambers; opened final set of gates into the the main level of the Palace; mapped portions of the Palace.

Session 3 – June 20: Found a haven in the upper level of the Knight’s Tower; found dry food storage; encountered Kobold cooks and scullions using unseelie magic in the captured commoners kitchens.

Session 4 – June 27: Willem and Selyse retreat into the Knights Tower to descipher Willem’s visions; wet storage discovered; goblin scavengers caught stealing in the royal kitchens (one captured); woke a creature known as a Baric that was found in halls between the scholar’s rooms and slayed it.

Session 5 – July 11: K’Krik’t the Thri Kreen introduced to party; scholar’s rooms explored and goblin dire rat mounts slain; animating force brings crystal fairies to life in the Tower of Elemental Water.

Session 6 – July 25: Dungeon Master and Players figure out game sessions; sinister goblin orchestra encountered and defeated in the Hall of Music.

Session 7 – August 8: The Riddle of the Mosaic is solved; Danforth Smith is transported from his home into the Palace of the Silver Princess, accidently drawing Willem and Selyse back to his home; Danforth assists the party’s goal of solving the curse on the Palace; Goblins were defeated in the Game Room after they were caught throwing large game darts into the corpse of a Patrol Guard of the Palace.

Session 8 – August 15: Group assaulted by the Acolytes and Priests of Arik of the Hundred Eyes; Clerics beaten and Canon of Arik taken, revealing the nature of the enemy.

Session 9 – August 22: Tomas the Gnomish Alchemist/Tinker introduced to group; major fight with tough Kobold skilled laborers in the Palace Library.

Session 10 – August 29: Kobold threat neutralized; Goblin Brutes and Archers beaten; Magical Cake Riddle Solved; Main Level of the Palace nearly cleared of evil.

Session 11 – September 5: Goblin Leader, Consort, Bodyguard, and Baric defeated; Main level cleared; Exploration begun on Lower Levels; The search for the Ice Harp begins.

Session 12 – September 12: Duergar discovered in the Lower Halls; Duergar Leader and Lieutenant defeated.

Session 13 – September 19: Duergar Soldiers defeated; cold winding halls lead to an enchanted ice door, believed to be the chamber holding the Ice Harp of Rowena.

Session 14 – October 10: The Ice Harp of Rowena is found and part of her life force is summoned to the Palace into the Ice Harp; Rowena answers many questions and reveals how to destroy the Eye of Arik; party seeks The Ruby Sword and the four Silver Statues of Ariksbane; Duergar Acolytes defeated.

Sessions 15 through 19 -

Session 20 – December 26 – The Champions summons Ariksbane from the Dimension of Ice, and use the Ice Harp and Ruby Sword against The Eye of Arik. The Eye is destroyed, and the Princess is saved from entrapment within the Eye, along with Ellis the Strong. The inhabitants of the Palace of the Silver Princess are returned to flesh. The Champions are declared heroes!

Session 21 – January 16 – The Heroes are sent into the Hullack forest after visiting the Faerie King under the faerie mound at Baern’s Way. It seems that they are to reap more rewards for saving the Valley of Haven, but must still earn their way in the world.

Session 22 – January 23 – The Heroes meet the spirit of the great Elven Enchanter, Galerian Silvermoon, after briefly travelling the Banshee haunted trailways of the Dark Wood (Hullack Forest). Thereafter, they are sent to Spiritbear, who is a powerful Ogre Shaman dwelling in a massive Darkwood tree. Spiritbear directs them to search the edge of the Dark Wood for a great bear and wolf of massive countenance for the materials to make a magical bearskin potion bag.

Session 23 – January 30 – The adventurers track and located the great wolves and bears. They find the greatest of each and slay them, after using Druid magic to hide their approach and catch them entirely by surprise. A great feast in the preparation.

Session 24 – February 6 – The adventurers feast with Spiritbear and other guests of his, who end up on the rowdy side! They leave to find the old village of Lingerwood, in search of the first cottage, where they are supposed to retrieve a magic loom, magic spinning wheel, as well as find mandrake roots under the snows in the old garden behind the home. The mandrake roots have evolved into Mandragora; for the old bones of demons remained on the grounds, left there from the days of old.


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