Welcome to the Forgotten Realms!

Herein lies the guide to a Dungeons & Dragons campaign set within the Forgotten Realms. Within these pages are found information regarding the setting, rules sets, rules changes, and storylines. The game’s timeline will be began in the early days of the Realms when the setting was initially introduced to Dungeons & Dragons. The year beginning will be: Year of the Worm, the month of Hammer (January), Dale Reckoning 1356.

The campaign begins on the continent of Faerûn; and although the characters may begin the campaign at various locales across the map, their journeys will lead them to the Kingdom of Cormyr, ruled by a troubled King Azoun IV: whose kingdom is under threat and attack of armies of Goblins and hordes of Orcs; and there is the threat of war from other not-so-distant borders. With all of these troubles, there are darker, more sinister threats within his lands, as well… The King’s hands are full, and the weight of the crown on his brow is heavy; and that is when the calling of heroes begins… A call for Champions of the Realms.

What to expect.

Adventures! This campaign will be powered by many of the greatest adventures ever written for Dungeons & Dragons! Some of the adventures will include those that were written for other campaigns such as the World of Greyhawk, Basic & Expert Dungeons & Dragons, Ravenloft, and some choice limited Dungeon adventure selections from the Dragonlance setting. Many of the Dungeon Modules can be found here.

Because of the number of Dungeon Modules available to play in this campaign, there may perhaps be a couple sets of characters needed to be able to play them. Depending on the circumstances, slow level progression might be useful during a period for playing the lower level adventures so that they may all be played by the same characters; or again, perhaps more characters will be needed.

Rules Edition- Colossus Edition Rules

Forgotten Realms – Champions of the Realms rules set will be based loosely on the d20 system: from Edition 3.0 all the way up to Pathfinder, in addition to a series of “House Game Rules”. Nearly all editions of Dungeons & Dragons rules may be used and made compatible for this game: this includes Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd Edition, and even offshoot rules sets such as the d20 EverQuest RPG. The rules set is entitled the “Colossus Edition”. Like the Gladiator Kit from 2nd Edition? Use it! Like the Jester class from AD&D? Use it! Want to play an EverQuest Bard? Play it! Have a taste for monstrous races from Savage Species? Can do! Some of the basic nuts and bolts of the rules are found on the tab marked “Wiki”, above. There you will find what new rules have been created for the game, including optional rules. The rules used may depend on the amount of realism and depth the Players and Dungeon Master want, and what the “flow” of the game can handle before it gets bogged down.

Forgotten Realms: Champions of the Realms

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