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Spell Buffs and Maintainable Spells

-Certain spells will be classified as Spell Buffs or “Buffs”. Spell Buffs are spells which are maintained on an individual or group, that usually have some protective value or constant effect. Spells that are Buffs and Maintainable Spells may no longer have a duration as long as the recipient stays within a radius of 10’ per maximum Spell Level that the caster may cast; which also means that the caster may not have duration on some of his own spells, since the range for the caster is 0. There may be some noted exceptions to these rules. Should the recipient move farther than the distance, then the duration noted in the spell description begins. As an example, a 10th level Cleric is able to cast 5th level spells and therefore has a Buff Range of (10’ X 5 = 50) 50’. A 20th level Cleric is able to cast 9th level spells and therefore would have a Buff Range of (10’ X 9 = 90) 90’. If someone who has received a Buff from the caster moves out of the range, the duration of the spell based on the written description begins; unless the recipient gets back into the Buff range. The caster may automatically restore the Buff on the character even if the duration ran out, without spending more Spell Points to do so.

Group Buffs

-Buffs may often be made into spells that can be cast on a group of characters. By spending 3 additional Spell Points certain listed Buffs may be used on an entire group as long as the intial casting points are spent. The Group Buff will cover 1 character per the caster’s maximum castable spell level. If the spell description already covers a certain number of character (per level for example), then this amount is added to the number.

Self Buffs

-Self Buffs are buffs that can be maintained throughout the day by only its caster; all others who might recieve the buff are subject to its normal duration. To use the spell on others, it would require a separate casting for each spell that would cost the appropriate spell point cost.

Special Condition Buffs

-A spell with (Buff) in bold, means that the caster has this spell available throughout the day like a normal buff; but the caster can only (normally) use it on one person at a time per spell point cost, and must (normally) still cast the spell during the combat round, and designate when it’s being used. For instance, the spell Doom may be used throughout the day in every combat encounter, but the caster must still cast the spell normally during a combat round, and must choose the recipient. Since the caster had spent previous points to use the buff, it will not cost spell points to cast it at the time of use.

If the spell (buff) was prepared multiple times (spending the appropriate spell points), the caster must cast it during a combat round, as previously noted; but may designate multiple recipients of the spell in a single casting, rather than having to cast it on a different round at the other opponents. If on following rounds the recipient of the spell is changed, the spell must again be cast, but still at no further spell point cost.

Summoning Buffs

-Some summoning spells are noted as buffs. The caster may keep one summoned creature on hand, at any time; all others must be cast separately, and at the normal spell duration. If at some point there are more than one creature summoned and the caster wishes to change the maintained creature to one of the others that has already been summoned, then they may do so.

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Spell List Change Information

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