Palace of the Silver Princess

The Valley of Haven lies nestled within the Thunder Peaks, beyond the Hullack Forest, on the Eastern border of the Kingdom of Cormyr. The valley is ruled by the fair, enchanting, and benevolent, Princess Argenta. Her valley was a peaceful place, where man, elf, dwarf, halfling, gnome, fairy, centaur, and a great many other races lived harmoniously together. The dwarves mined for her, silver and rubies, of which the elves wrought and cut, making them into beautiful jewelry and weapons. The enchanted valley was once rich, fertile, and green, even in the coldest seasons; fields were formerly golden with grain; its wildlife was once teaming with gentle creatures; its plant life used to be exotic, with unique plants and fabulous flowers; its waters were upon recent times, sweet and clear: but all of this is lost…

Disaster seemed to have struck almost overnight.

Not long ago, the Princess Argenta had opened her spectacular marble palace for a celebration: a masquerade ball. It was said that the dwarves of Haven had discovered a great ruby, the size of an apple; and because they held dear the Princess so much, they named it, “My Ladies Heart”, in honor of her. There was to be a formal presentation, and a fantastic celebration, of which many were invited to her shining marble palace. Her palace of white marble and silver towers was believed to be enchanted, for after the setting of the sun, the entire palace gleamed like brilliant silver; its contours glistened like the scales of a great dragon. The celebration was to last throughout the day and night.

It was said, in the dark of the night, on the evening before the celebration, that a white dragon was seen decending from the skies over the palace, bearing an armored rider, with pale skin and long white hair. The next day, disaster struck. Dark clouds hid the sun, and a fell freezing wind blew through the valley. The enchanted icy winds quickly froze stream and river; and even some plant and animal life froze and shattered under its wicked gale; and sadly some unfortunate people were victim of the winds icy bite. In the days afterward, most everything began to wither and sicken; the valley very quickly begin to die.

Later on that fell night, from out of the palace came a great explosion, and some of its walls crumbled and tumbled off the side of the mountain that the palace was built upon. After the smoke and dust had cleared, it could be seen as night approached, that the entire palace was surrounded in a ruby glow.

The Valley of Haven had normally been under the protective watch of benevolent Protectors, who were of an enchanted race from the World of Faerie. It was said that the magic of that Fey race was the primary reason for the usual prosperity of the valley; but at Haven’s darkest hour, the great Protectors had disappeared. The situation has become completely desperate, for now the unprotected valley is flooded with dark races of creatures that have come from out of the Thunder Mountains, and crawled from under the dark boughs of the Hullack Forest. The survivors have fled, and have no leadership; for their leaders were trapped within the palace.

These unfortunate events are very recent, and since Haven is isolated in the cradle of the Thunder Peaks; King Azoun of Cormyr may not even know of these evil tidings; and as every moment passes by, the Valley of Haven dies; and so does hope for the Silver Princess…

Palace of the Silver Princess

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