Non Weapon Proficiency Rules Modifications


-Binding Wounds require a successful Healing Proficiency Check (DC20) applied within 1 hour of the wounding. This will mend 1-2 hit points of damage per new wound if done prior to magical healing; none may be repaired if done after magical healing; although daily recovery points are still allowed even after magic healing. Heal Deadly Wounds may be figured at the end of the day to be added to the daily total, since it may only be used once per day.

Each Bind Wound Check takes 10 minutes to complete; and therefore if attended immediately, up to 6 wounds may be treated in an hour, unless assisted by someone else trained in Healing, and/or using Cantrips/Orisons. Having assistance divides the time in half, and using Cantrips/Orisons to help divides the time in half, once again. Therefore, if using both (and properly supplied), it may take approximately 2 and a half minutes to Bind a Wound. Only one person may be treated at a time by someone with the Healing Proficiency. Players would need to track the number of fresh wounds; hash marks on a sheet of paper may suffice, with a cross hash mark to designate a wound that was only for a single point of damage (if close tracking is required); since a successful wound binding cannot exceed the amount of damage taken.

Pick Locks (Number of Attempts, Taking 5,10,15,20, and other conditions)

-The lock picker may attempt to pick a lock a number of times equal to the Skill Ranks, prior to ability score modifiers. This includes the initial +3 bonus given when the 1st rank is spent. Failing at all attempts means the lock picker has found the lock completely unsolvable. Only after earning another rank or two in Pick Lock, may they possibly achieve success, with one additional attempt per new rank since the first time they tried.

-The lock picker may choose to take extra time to pick the lock. They may choose to take 5, 10, 15, or 20. For every 5 that is taken, the time required to complete the skill is multiplied by that number. For every 5 that is taken, the lock picker receives a +2 to the roll. The normal number of attempts to open the lock is still as described in the previous paragraph.

-If the lock picker is able to use cantrips or orisons, they can receive a +1 bonus on the roll for every 5 caster levels in a single class (not combined caster levels), as their basic cantrips are becoming more potent.

-Rolling a natural 1 may mean some unforeseen occurrence has taken place, such as breaking lock picks, a jammed or ruined lock mechanism, or the picks may be stuck within the lock, with a chance to break if attempting to remove them. The Dungeon Master may decide what has occurred. Broken lock pick sets incur a -2 broken condition penalty, which is cumulative every time lock picks are broken, until the lock picks are repaired or replaced. If the set is damaged 5 times, the picks become useless.

-Successfully picking a lock doubles the number of Skill Ranks applied on further attempts to pick the same lock, or locks sharing the same key, in future attempts.

-Failure at all attempts to pick a lock (considered unsolvable) results in automatic failure when attempting to pick locks that share the same key, as they have essentially “already tried” to open it. An exception to this is in a case where the first lock attempted was more difficult than the rest due to rust, being caked with dirt, having been damaged, etc.. Since the other locks may be in better condition, attempts may be taken on them, despite the failure on the more difficult lock.

Non Weapon Proficiency Rules Modifications

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