Module Group 1

Below are the Modules (in order) that would be ran for character Group 1; and the following character hero choices are highly recommended for those Group 1 Modules:

Ranger- chosen enemies: Humanoid(reptilian), Humanoid(aquatic), Undead
Lizard Man Warrior, Shaman, Ranger, or “Assassin”
“Pirate”/Swashbuckler Themed Thief/Rogue
Dragon Rider or other Draconic influenced character

Most of the adventures have a sometimes flashy, high adventure, high fantasy, fairy tale quality about them. The stories are unique, and very story driven, with colorful villains and challenges. The Module adventures will often be related to the overall plot. These Modules are for truly unique heroes, who are willing to selflessly serve the King of Cormyr and the Country. Such servants of Cormyr would surely draw the attention of King Azoun, and other Lords of the Kingdom of Cormyr. Cormyr would be an ideal place to live and settle into. The Module locations are often viable to base the character groups, once the threat is removed.

I may be using interesting villains such as Venger, Dekkion, Kelek, Zarak, and Warduke as the main villains, who have found their place in the Realms. It may be found that their hands are often guiding the forces of evil against the good and just…

Ideas from various media: Characters, similar to Link, from The Legend of Zelda, would fit well. Characters from the old LJN line of Dungeons and Dragons toys would fit well. Characters similar to Masters of the Universe characters would fit well. The prince and his horse from Sleeping Beauty would fit well, as well as many other Disney characters.

Palace of the Silver Princess

Against the Cult of the Reptile God

Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh

Danger at Dunwater

The Final Enemy

Castle Amber

Tomb of the Lizard King

Curse of the Azure Bonds



Quest for the Heartstone

Ruins of Myth Drannor

Module Group 1

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