Experience Point Award Categories

The following are the categories that the Dungeon Master awards per game session. Note that there can be some crossover between categories, so therefore there may be somewhat of a “double” or compound award for certain roleplay given in two or more categories.

Class: (10-50XP)
Awarded for roleplaying various aspects of a character’s class, not just using powers and abilities, but roleplaying those other details that the specific classes do: sharpening swords; oiling leather; monk meditation; burning incense; practicing casting gestures; describing how spells are cast during fights and what the magic looks like when cast; roleplaying (describing) attacks based on how well or poor the attack roll is; roleplaying the physical, mental, and spiritual strain and aftermath of armed combat; of arcane spell casting; or of divine ritual casting; etc.

Race: (10-50XP)
Awarded for roleplaying the specific mindsets, quirks, and traits of the race being played, and making it obvious to others that the above are a result of being a member of that race, even narrating what the character is thinking. Examples of Racial Roleplaying may be: “How I miss the Dwarven Halls of Tethyamir! To gaze once again at it’s great stone gate; to lay into the stone of it’s mines with a pick, revealing Mithril to be made into brite spear and axe! My toast to Tethyamir, may there be a day that my axe will hew the heads from the Orcs that took our great halls from us! And hail to the Dwarf King Ghelin, King in Exile! May his crown shine once again within it’s halls!”; roleplaying racial pride; veneration of racial deities; crafting racial items; roleplaying racial traits described in the descriptions of the race, thus fleshing out the stereotype, or if the Character is not one who fits the racial stereotype/archetype, then stating why they are different from their brethren when they take unexpected actions; etc.

Roleplaying: (10-100XP)
Awarded for various roleplaying styles and methods. Examples would be: using detailed dramatic descriptions of actions; explaining the reasons for taking specific actions based on the character’s personality and traits; ignoring personal Player knowledge of the game or situation and only using what the Character would know, even if it means some detrimental effect might take place; specifically stating what the character says as if it was the voice of the Character; playing a Character as if they have emotions; narrating a Characters thoughts and actions; roleplaying weaknesses and strengths; etc.

Voice: (10-100XP)
Awarded for the Player speaking the actual words that a Character would say and doing so on a frequent basis. High awards will be given for Characters with accents, unique speech patterns, etc. The most experience is awarded for using a voice that is not the normal voice of the Player, such that anyone listening can tell when the Character is speaking “in character” and when the Player is speaking “out of character”.

Cooperation: (10-100XP)
Awarded for cooperative actions, cooperative roleplay; cooperative Character dialogue; helping other Players with the game; and especially for drawing other Characters into the Character dialogues; in particular, drawing in those Players who tend to be quieter. This also applies toward cooperation with the Dungeon Master. It is entirely possible to recieve negative experience points for this category.

Ideas: (10 -100XXP per notable idea)
Awarded for ideas which either help the party, or roleplaying ideas that might increase playability and fun. Ideas which save lives tend to be worth the most. Solving puzzles/riddles may fit under this category.

Forgotten Realms Style Characters: (10-50XP)
Awarded for making in-game roleplaying references to the Forgotten Realms setting, such as it’s Non Player Characters, it’s politics, places (kingdoms, cities, historical sites, etc), it’s Deities, it’s history, and other things that are specifically set in the Forgotten Realms. Awards are also given for making references to the Characters background history.

Heroics and Alignment: (10-50XP)
Awarded for fulfilling the part of a hero; such as taking actions specifically for doing good; roleplaying goodness; defining the Character’s alignment as a hero; and heroic actions to protect others at the Character’s personal risk.

Style: (10-50)
Awarded for having a defining style about the character, even if it means fulfilling an archetype/stereotype. Things that help do this are: unique speech patterns; describing the Character’s combat style that becomes a signature style for that Character; occasionally defining the Character’s fashion sense; roleplaying quirks, traits, and weaknesses; etc.

Situation: (varies)
Awarded by the Dungeon Master when Characters experience something unique; traumatizing; exciting; something beyond the Character’s levels (such as spells); story revelations; encounters with deities or high profile Non Player Characters; new locations; etc.

Battle: (As per rules)

Experience Point Award Categories

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